Change needs more than data

I’m reading Black Swan by Nassim Taleb (of Anti-Fragile fame), which is nominally about “the impact of unlikely events”, but seems to be about (some of) everything. Taleb is talking about examples of “empirics”, medical doctors that didn’t rely on reasoning and theory. Instead, they relied on chance observations, guessing, experimenting, and tinkering. A fairly recent […]

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Collaboration; And don’t waste your time critiquing trash.

A recent post in The Economist caught my eye. Possibly because I enjoy revising titles for accuracy. The Collaboration Curse Suggestions: Collaboration, done poorly, has some measurable negative effects. Or, Collaboration, when it isn’t actually a collaboration, has some measurable negative effects.  I’m leaning toward “when it isn’t actually a collaboration.”   ‘interruptions, even short ones, increase the total time required to […]

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Rather and Surely—Two Words Used to Prop Up Weak Arguments

“Rathering is a way of sliding you swiftly and gently past a false dichotomy.” –Daniel C. Dennett’s Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking. Why Intuition Pumps David Kelly’s Creative Confidence led me to read Intuition Pumps. Short version; Kelly gains creative inspiration by attending out-of-field conferences. I decided to take the poor man’s path toward creative inspiration […]

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Rapid Prototypes: Genius Level

“Welcome to the Intellevator. Please select your language.” This elevator prank by Ylvis (of “What does the fox say?” fame) is making the rounds on the Facebook. Like it says on the tin, this post is about rapid prototypes, but before I ruin the humor entirely, check it out: If you watched the whole video, you […]

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